The COVID crisis is a challenge for the entire world, especially to communities of faith that are in the habit of meeting together. We at CIBC are doing our utmost to provide as safe an environment as we can to those who worship with us. We follow all guidelines issued by the Spanish government and required by our legal Spanish entity, FEREDE.
What can I expect on Sunday morning?
Simply put, we will be social distancing and masks will be required for everyone at all times.
Entrance into the church:
Worshippers will be expected to queue at the door and will be allowed in family by family, maintaining social distance, as has become common in Spain at many businesses. At the door, your name and contact details will be registered in the event that contact tracing is required. You will be asked to clean your hands with sanitizer, and your temperature may be taken. The chairs in the auditorium have been spread out to facilitate social distancing, lowering our total seating capacity to 50 people. Once capacity is reached, the helpers manning the door will stop allowing more visitors into the service.
Inside the church :
You will be asked to remain in your chosen seats and not wander around the auditorium.
Masks must be worn at all times, fully covering the nose and mouth. Our service will be shortened to about an hour..
Exiting the church:
At the end of the service, worshippers will be released by the worship leader in groups or rows, allowing worshippers to exit the building in a
socially-distanced queue. Socializing inside the building in the entrance area will not be permitted.
Other questions
Q.: If I have tested positive for COVID, when can I come back to church?
A.: If you have tested positive for COVID you may not attend in-person
worship services or activities until you have received a negative COVID test.
Q.: If I have symptoms of illness but have not been tested, may I attend
in-person worship services or activities?
A.: If you have any symptoms of seasonal illness, we ask that you take advantage of our online service and do not rejoin our in-person
activities until they have passed.
Q.: Should I get vaccinated?
A.: We recommend all attendees of CIBC to be vaccinated. Several members of our congregation have serious underlying medical conditions, and the
demographic of our church in general is high-risk. Furthermore, our church population is at higher risk simply due to its transient nature.
Q.: Can we fellowship outside the building?
A.: Yes, remaining masked and maintaining social distance.
Q.: Will there be singing?
A.: Yes, we will be led in a shortened worship song set. Those who wish to sing along may, but may not remove their mask to do so.
Q.: How long will you keep my contact details?
A.: Contact details will be destroyed after three weeks.


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